Jillian Barrett graduated from Winters High School in June 1997,

moved to Patton, CA and acquired a management position at the Patton

State Hospital Canteen. My position was to purchase products for the

inmates in conformance to policies, procedures, and officer safety laws,

rules, and regulations. I enlisted in the United State Army in May 2001.

In November 2003 I was sent to the Iraq Theatre – Active Duty. While in

the Iraq Theatre I as assigned different duties. I was a communication

officer with the many different units, using GPS to make sure convoys

were safe, and to announce combat situation in the field for additional

military personnel to respond to assist in battle. I guarded military posts

base perimeter and drove Palletized Load System 18 wheel vehicles

with those containers full of food, water, clothing, ammunitions and

weapons to assorted military bases in the theatre. While in Iraq I was

involved in many live enemy combat shootouts, as a driver, passenger

guard, and vehicle roof gunner. When I returned from Iraq I went on to

finish my college education. I am a Building Information Modeling

Specialist working with architects in the design of buildings and other

structures. My desire is to be part of the solution working within budget

constraints, to meet the challenge to move forward with positive

innovations to assist the business community with safety, security and

risk management architectual models with economical and speedy

plans for clients to improve services and keep budget expenditures to

the lowest possible level. We need to meet the needs of each client,

employee, and community members. There is a median in this respect

that is honestly hard to achieve, but must be achieved. I am willing to

meet these challenges. 

​​​​Jillian Barrett- CEO

All City Patrol Services