Joseph “Joe” Puccio is the licensed Qualified Manager and President.  Joe

has 42 years in law enforcement public safety experience, retired as a

Supervising Special Investigator – Lieutenant, holds a Master of Arts

Degree in Criminal Justice, holds a Life Time Teaching Credential, and all

of the Peace Officer Standards of Training Basic, Intermediate, and

Advanced Certificates (POST) issued.  Joe has provided  Security

Management since 2008 and has been teaching for 35 years.  Joe holds a

certified NRA pistol, rifle, shotgun, home safety/protection, conceal carry,

range safety officer, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services firearms

instructor and  baton instructor. Joe has 30 years of experience as a

criminal justice instructor.

He has been a peace officer in the State of California since 1966 with basic

training from Alameda County Sheriff’s Office during 1965-66.  He served

in the positions of Deputy Sheriff, Police Officer, Police Detective, District

Attorney Investigator, Chief Investigator, State Investigator, Lead Senior

Investigator, and Supervising Special Investigator I / Lieutenant.


While employed as the District Attorney’s Chief Investigator for the Trinity

County District Attorney’s Office, I served as the supervisor of the Family

Support Division.  Over the few years that I managed the Family Support

Division, I was able to raise the collection rate from $125,000.00 to

$500,000.00 per year.  Also, while at Trinity County, I conducted trial

preparation investigations for the District Attorney working closely with

him to bring major criminal cases to a successful prosecution.


I left Trinity County District Attorney’s Office and moved to the Sacramento

Valley to care for my parents as a result of their health.  I worked as a

Resident Deputy Sheriff for the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department and then

worked for the Winters Police Department.  While at Winters Police

Department, I wrote a number of grants which were successful in bringing

additional revenue to the Police Department.  While employed by Winters

Police Department, I was selected “Officer of the Year” two years in a row

for my exceptional work in the community and grant writing ability. 

Further, I was selected to be the Grand Marshall for the Youth Day Parade;

an honor bestowed upon me as a result of my direct work with juveniles in

the community and with the Winters Joint Unified School District.


I left Winters Police Department to re-enter State service for promotional

opportunities.  Napa State Hospital (NSH) employed me as a Hospital

Police Officer I.  While employed by NSH, I was promoted to Senior Special

Investigator and transferred to Patton State Hospital (PSH).  At PSH, I

became the Lead Senior Special Investigator handling all of PSH’s

criminal, civil, and administrative cases.  During my time at PSH, I worked

closely with William L. Summers, Executive Director (Deceased), to bring

issues to a positive conclusion.


At PSH, I wrote policies, was a member of the Policy Review Board,

worked closely with Central Nursing Services, Clinical Administrator,

Hospital Administrator, Program Directors and their assistants.  I was able

to simplify the reporting process and was able to clear over 100 cases per

quarter with successful criminal prosecutions on most of the cases

delivered to the District Attorney’s Office.


In April 2001, I was given the opportunity to transfer to the Department of

Developmental Services’ Headquarters Office in Sacramento.  While at

Headquarters, I was assigned to the Professional and Standards Branch of

the Office of Protective Services (OPS).  In May, June, and July 2001, I

obtained Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST) training to conduct

Peace Officer background investigations and Peace Officer Internal Affairs

investigations.  Since, I have conducted numerous Peace Officer and Non-

Peace Officer Background investigations and general Internal Affairs

investigations.  Additionally, I managed the OPS mobile fleet which

included fire engines, ambulances, police patrol units, commander

vehicles, and unmarked units.


Furthermore, I volunteered as a firefighter for the Weaverville Volunteer

Fire Department and received training in fire protection and firefighting.  At

San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office and at Trinity County District

Attorney’s Office, I wrote the Safety Policy and Procedures for both

offices.  At Trinity County, I was recruited as the safety trainer- instructor

for the Joint County Power to train all of the Joint County Power



In 1971, I graduated from California State University at Sacramento with a

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master of Arts Degree in

1978.  I continued my education taking Peace Officer Standards of Training

courses and other courses to refresh and improve my skills.  I hold five

POST Certificates, which are: three general law enforcement certificates

(Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced) and two specialized investigator

certificates (Intermediate and Advanced).  I have a lifetime Secondary

Teaching Credential for all law enforcement subjects and completed the

POST Supervisory Core Course.


I retired on May 20, 2008, and have been managing security companies and

teaching criminal justice courses at Heald College, San Jose/Milpitas

Campus.  I acquired the Heald College security contract and stepped down

from teaching at Heald.  I was returned to Heald College Instructional Staff

in Legal and Criminal Justice Department.  Heald College was controlled

by the parent company Corinthian Colleges, Inc. which filed bankruptcy on

April 26, 2015.  My contract ended and all teachers/instructors were

dismissed as a result of the campus closing.  However, my staff was

armed on campus for over two years and successfully harden the target

and maintained safety and security on the campus.


When considering my experience and State Secondary Education

Teaching Credential, I am the perfect candidate to manage security for all

segments of our society, for all areas of concern, and to conduct

investigation in the State of California and other locations as required.


I conduct investigations for one law firm in the state assisting the law firm

to successfully litigate cases to a positive conclusion.


My belief is security/investigators/police/other law enforcement staff must

meet the challenge of the future by moving forward with positive

innovations to improve services and keep budget expenditures to the

lowest possible level.  We need to meet the needs of each employee,

student, client, customer, and community member.  There is a median in

the management of a law enforcement public safety and as an owner of a

security firm and an investigator that should protect the community as a

whole that must be achieved.  I am willing to meet this challenge.  My

lengthy experience, training, and education will benefit you and your



 Respectfully submitted,


Joseph P. Puccio

Qualified Manager

License Firearms Instructor

License Baton Instructor

NRA Instructor for Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Home Protection, and Conceal


Joseph Puccio- President

​​​All City Patrol Services


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