All City Patrol Services 

ALL CITY PATROL SERVICES is a problem solving company for security, risk management, and safety needs and concerns.


We have a security management team that consists of active duty and retired peace officers, retired military, college graduates, and long term trainers.


We are proud to provide solutions to business needs in security, safety, risk management, and surveys when considering these areas.


We are a solution oriented company and work to bring a peace of mind to business owners, residents, employees, students, staff, customers, and others utilizing services.


We will provide detailed reports of our activities electronically on a daily basis. 


We are insured for false arrest, assault, battery, pursuit, and terrorism.  Not many security companies have this type of insurance.  What this means is that we are not a security company that just observes and reports, but a company that when the need arises can take action to protect our clients, customers, staff, residents, employees, students, and other entering your service area.  Our officers are trained to identify possible criminal activity before it occurs and to take preventative action to let those planning criminal activity to recognize our service area is not available to their criminal conduct.


We are goal oriented and will take the time to meet with businesses individually or together to work on solutions to issues to improve business, safety, security, and risk management issues.  We call this the Target Action Plan.