To maximize the effectiveness of the program, only a limited number of properties will be

enrolled in TAP at any given time.  A security officer trained in the TAP program can only patrol a

certain given number of property per week and per month.  The regular security patrols will be

performed by a retired California Peace Officer or retired U. S. Military person, or by a very well

trained security officer who are all certified to manage their patrol beat as a TAP Officer, private

patrol operator, and experience risk-management expert.

The TAP program is a significant improvement over the inherent weakness of many security

programs.  Many companies pledge their services to an unlimited number of property owners per

officer covering a wide range of security venues.  Worse still, security training for most security

guard companies are not designed for apartment communities, commercial properties, searching

large lands for illegal marijuana  plantations, and organizing the TAP program for business

communities.  Most security companies fail to  provide specialized training for security officers

to appropriately interact with the public.  Appropriate interaction with the public is essential. TAP

is designed specifically for Multi-family residential living, commercial properties, searching large

lands for illegal marijuana plantations, and to organize a business community to join together to

provide a risk management, safety, and security free environment for shoppers, customers,

clients, and staff.

All City Patrol Services will accept clients within the State of California, but will keep the

overhead  for the program down considerably by designing patrol beats where an appropriate

number of clients are close together.  Thus, creating a fuel and travel time savings which these

savings are passed on to the property  owner.  In other words, geographical location (coupled

with the fact that the TAP administrator performs the patrols himself or has a retired peace

officer or retired  military person conducting the patrol.  This eliminates 75% of the overhead

normally associated with traditional security services.  This business model allows property

owners to benefit from a highly effective security program, at a very reasonable cost.

While the Targeted Action Plan (TAP) cannot guarantee that criminal acts, accidents, or policy violations will not occur, All City Patrol Services and this action plan will have a significant impact on driving down the risk of negative activity effecting your employees and guests, property, and risk management safety costs.

We would like to offer this service to your organization at a rate that is affordable to you and your corporation or industry.  We look forward to discussing the TAP program with your organization.

All City Patrol Services provides all your security needs.  Our services include:

Armed or Unarmed Security
Armed Response and Patrol
Executive Protection
Personal Bodyguard Services with Concealed Weapon
Corporate/Business Security
Highly Visible, uniformed security officers
Discreet, plainclothes officers
Patrol Services on foot, vehicle or bicycle
Site Inspection/Evaluation
Security Consulting
Fire Watch 

We handle long and short-term assignments, special events/parties, and personal security requests.
We provide Security Services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including the Central Valley from Modesto to Sacramento.

Sacramento County, Colusa County, Glenn County, Yolo County, Yuba County, San Francisco County, Marin County, Sonoma County, Mendocino County, San Joaquin County, Inyo County, Mono County, Kern County, Fresno County, Merced County, Santa Cruz County, San Benito County, Kings County, Tulare County, Santa Clara County, Contra Costa County, Alameda County, Solano County, Sacramento County, Placer County, Eldorado County, Butte County, Sutter County, Tuolumne County, Modera County, Monterey County, Stanislaus County, Calaveras County, Amador County, Alpine County, Sierra County, Plumas County, Napa County, Tehama County.

1.       A 24-hour line is available to residents and clients for reporting suspicious activity or for non- emergency services.

2.       The TAP Patrol Officer actively patrols your property and should an incident occur requiring TAP intervention resulting in a suspect contact and/or arrest, reports or trespass warnings a written report will be promptly issued to the appropriate law enforcement authority and to the client.

3.       Your TAP Officer will conduct a status conference on a regular basis with property management and/or maintenance staff to address safety, security, fire prevention, theft, vandalism, or any other security issues.

4.       Random patrol inspections on a five-day to seven-day patrol schedule will occur without fail.

5.       The TAP Officer will be acclimated to all house rules and regulations and strictly enforce said rules and report all violations to the property manager, or property owner, or client as required.

6.       The TAP Officer will politely interact with all residents and/or guests while at the same time bearing in mind that the TAP Officer represents the residential property manager, property owner, or client.

7.       Weekly safety, security, and fire prevention recaps will be hand-delivered or electronically delivered to the property owner or representative every Monday with daily activity report (DARs) issued by 8:00 AM..

8.       Document Process Service is included and will be performed during patrols as required:  3 day notices, 30 day notices, and unlawful detainer.

9.       Any and all evidence obtained during a TAP investigation is maintained in accordance with standard practices and procedures in the investigation community and provided to the property owner/manager upon request.  Photographs of all evidence will be submitted with the All City Patrol Services Investigative/Incident Report.

10.    Property Policy Violations will be reported to property managers and/or owners with a full written report as required.

11.    The assigned retired peace officer or military officer will actively participate in any community event to discuss safety, security, and fire prevention,

12.    The TAP Officer will park the patrol vehicle in a location to not interfere with resident/customer access or exit to or from the property.

13.    The TAP Officer will patrol the property on foot, or horseback, or quadra-trac (small 4x4 dust free vehicle), or by Jeep 4X4 specialized transportation systems or bicycle or on foot as required to protect, preserve, and maintain security, safety, fire prevention, and risk management activities.  Each property may require a specialized mode of transportation if on foot is not appropriate.

14.    The TAP Officer will enforce all parking regulations to include towing if necessary.  In the event that a vehicle is towed the TAP Officer will photograph the vehicle to be towed as well as document and/or video the conditions that exist to cause the vehicle to be towed.

15    The TAP officer will check passage ways, walkways and will clear obstructions while on patrol including general property cleanliness and light debris pick-up along the patrol route.

16.  The TAP Officer will stop and identify with accordance of law any suspicious person on the property without authorization and advise the person accordingly.

17.  The TAP Officer will inspect all garbage collection points to ensure they are free of accelerants and trespassers.  


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patrol hours: 24 hours / 7 days per week​​

All City Patrol Services 



We service all of California, but below are the Local counties that we currently service:

​​​All City Patrol Services (ACPS) is a licensed security company that is full service; will provide specialized

services to meet the needs of each client; and if desirous can include a neighborhood watch component for

communities in conjunction with local law enforcement.  ACPS managers have prior military, law

enforcement or public safety backgrounds with well over 100 years of combined experience.  ACPS

managers have a proven track record of superior performance in all areas of law enforcement and public


All City Patrol Services would like to offer the following security services for your property or properties.

The cost of this program is less than what most public service agencies and security companies will

charge.  Please read on to find out how we can provide the below service at a competitive price.  All City

Patrol  Services can enhance the quality of your property while at the same time reduce your cost of

security.  All City  Patrol Services has determined that a Targeted Action Plan (TAP) which mitigates your

risk of liability and secures your property by creating a documented culture in the key areas of Security,

Safety, and Fire Prevention your property requires.  TAP represents an improvement in the world of

property risk management and property protection.