Training Curriculum


All City Patrol Services 

Guard Card Class is being held:  Classes are forming now.  Contact us for the next class date.
Before we or any licensed Security Company can hire a person to fill a position as a Security Guard/Officer, the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) requires every Security Guard/Officer to be licensed.
All City Patrol Services can assist you in obtaining your BSIS Security Guard Card.  We offer the required one-time, 8-hour training class several days a week.  After the one-time 8-hour class, BSIS will take approximately one-week to process your license application.  We will assist you in sending all documents through the internet system directly to BSIS.
The cost to obtain a BSIS Security Guard Card through Joseph Puccio Security & Investigative Services Training Center is as follows:

$50.00 for the course
$20.00 to have your fingerprints rolled (LiveScan)
$51.00 to your fingerprint background investigation conducted which is paid to the FBI and DOJ
$55.00 to apply online to BSIS for your Security Guard Card 
This is the lowest price possible and our training exceeds the requirements of BSIS.
Our classes are held in Marysville, California.

·         Administrative and Security Orientation to include:

·         Crossing Guards,

·         Senate Bill requirement for the additional 32 hours;

·         Parking/Traffic Control,

·         Radio Procedures,

·         Chemical Agents,

·         Preserving the Incident Scene;

·         Crowd Control;

·         Driver Safety;

·         Supervision;

·         Courtroom Demeanor;

·         Post Orders & Assignments;

·         Employer Policies/Orientation;

·         Evacuation Procedures;

·         Officer Safety;

·         Arrest;

·         Search & Seizure;

·         Introduction to Executive Protection;

·         Fire Safety Course;

·         Use of A Stun Gun or Taser less than lethal weapons

·         Public Relations;

·         Observe and Documentation;

·         Communications and its Significance;

·         Liability/Legal Aspects;

·         Legal Authority;

·         Authority of the Security Officer;

·         Elements and Mechanics of Arrest;

·         Rules of Evidence;

·         Search and Seizure;

·         Protection of the Crime Scene;

·         Traffic Control;

·         Dealing with Children;

·         WE meet all training guidelines with SB 1626 certifications;

·         Courtroom Procedures;

·         Child Safety;

·         Lost Children;

·         Reporting Hazards;

·         Self-Defense;

·         Company Policy and Procedures;

·         Public Relations;

·         Report Writing;

·         Method of Patrol;

·         Sexual harassment;

·         Loss Prevention;

·         Internal and External thefts;

·         First Aid;

·         Communications;

·         Fire Prevention;

·         Defensive Driving;

·         Uniforms and Equipment;

·         CPR Certified (if required by contract)