Guard Card Class is being held:  Classes are forming now.  Contact us for the next class date.
Before we or any licensed Security Company can hire a person to fill a position as a Security Guard/Officer, the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) requires every Security Guard/Officer to be licensed.
All City Patrol Services can assist you in obtaining your BSIS Security Guard Card.  We offer the required one-time, 8-hour training class several days a week.  After the one-time 8-hour class, BSIS will take approximately one-week to process your license application.  We will assist you in sending all documents through the internet system directly to BSIS.
The cost to obtain a BSIS Security Guard Card through Joseph Puccio Security & Investigative Services Training Center is as follows:

$50.00 for the course
$20.00 to have your fingerprints rolled (LiveScan)
$51.00 to your fingerprint background investigation conducted which is paid to the FBI and DOJ
$55.00 to apply online to BSIS for your Security Guard Card 
This is the lowest price possible and our training exceeds the requirements of BSIS.
Our classes are held in Marysville, California.

Training Curriculum


·         Administrative and Security Orientation to include:

·         Crossing Guards,

·         Senate Bill requirement for the additional 32 hours;

·         Parking/Traffic Control,

·         Radio Procedures,

·         Chemical Agents,

·         Preserving the Incident Scene;

·         Crowd Control;

·         Driver Safety;

·         Supervision;

·         Courtroom Demeanor;

·         Post Orders & Assignments;

·         Employer Policies/Orientation;

·         Evacuation Procedures;

·         Officer Safety;

·         Arrest;

·         Search & Seizure;

·         Introduction to Executive Protection;

·         Fire Safety Course;

·         Use of A Stun Gun or Taser less than lethal weapons

·         Public Relations;

·         Observe and Documentation;

·         Communications and its Significance;

·         Liability/Legal Aspects;

·         Legal Authority;

·         Authority of the Security Officer;

·         Elements and Mechanics of Arrest;

·         Rules of Evidence;

·         Search and Seizure;

·         Protection of the Crime Scene;

·         Traffic Control;

·         Dealing with Children;

·         WE meet all training guidelines with SB 1626 certifications;

·         Courtroom Procedures;

·         Child Safety;

·         Lost Children;

·         Reporting Hazards;

·         Self-Defense;

·         Company Policy and Procedures;

·         Public Relations;

·         Report Writing;

·         Method of Patrol;

·         Sexual harassment;

·         Loss Prevention;

·         Internal and External thefts;

·         First Aid;

·         Communications;

·         Fire Prevention;

·         Defensive Driving;

·         Uniforms and Equipment;

·         CPR Certified (if required by contract)

All City Patrol Services